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Working in Comfort

For almost two years, I’ve been working at home part-time. Before I realized what I was getting myself into, I worked at my computer while sitting in a tiny, straight-backed, and wooden chair. After a few long days in that chair, I was ready to go furniture shopping. My back was stiff and achy. During a shopping excursion, I spotted a plush black leather chair. I was overjoyed to discover that this adjustable office chair came with a built-in massager. Now, whenever I get tired, I can sit back in my chair and receive a comforting free massage. On this blog, you will learn how to shop for the perfect chair for your home office. You may never want to leave your workstation again.


3 Ways To Make Your Old Couch New Again

Whether your couch looks old and saggy from years of use or you just hate its dull and outdated color, you may be thinking about getting rid of the piece of unsightly furniture and buying something new and exciting. Before you give your old couch the heave ho, consider giving it a makeover first. The transformation you can have done may make you want to rethink getting rid of it after all. Read More 

Create An Office/Storage/Guest Room That Works

If you are moving into your new place and your new house has a guest bedroom, then you'll want to be sure to set it up with furniture that puts that extra bedroom to good use. If you plan on having a large amount of company, then the answer is easy; you should make that bedroom strictly a guest bedroom. However, if you aren't sure how many people are going to be staying over and there's a chance that the space will be wasted. Read More 

Custom Cabinet Ideas To Upgrade Your Kitchen

Kitchen cabinets are one of the most important features of this functional space. Not only are your cabinets responsible for housing your dishes, food items, and cooking supplies, they give this space in the home its unique appeal and style. If you have dated cabinets that lack personality, your whole kitchen can suffer as a result. Here are custom cabinet ideas designed to enliven, brighten, and even make this nook in the home even more functional to be in. Read More 

Choosing A Customer Entertainment Center Over A Pre-Designed Unit Has A Number Of Benefits

When you take pride in your home, decorating your living environment is usually very important. When you are trying to figure out what to do with your electronics and you want great looking storage, it's time to invest in a custom entertainment center for your home. While you might be able to find a ready-made unit that you can work with, it will be easier to create a beautiful living space when you have a custom wall unit built to match the decor, dimensions and shape of your room. Read More 

Tips For Decorating An Open Floor Plan Living Room

Open floor plans are one of the most popular choices for contemporary homes. An open floor plan living room affords you a blank canvas for your decorating. However, the wide open space can also feel a little daunting. Arrange your furniture and decorate to establish a living room with flowing but distinct areas. Delineate Spaces with Furniture In an open floor plan home the great room must serve multiple purposes. You can feel lost in all that wide open space if you don't delineate spaces. Read More